About company

Wayland Industries Holding B.V. founded in 2020 in the Netherlands. Among the main tasks of the company is the consolidation of field service support and procurement services for mining companies in different parts of the world.

In April 2021 Wayland Industries Holding B.V. acquired from EPIROC ROCK DRILLS AB and EPIROC TREASURY AB their 100% subsidiary EPIROC ARMENIA, signing a dealership agreement with them. Also Wayland Industries Holding B.V. is a dealer of Atlas Copco in the territory of the Republic of Armenia.

Atlas Copco

Why Wayland Industries Holding B.V.:

● Many years of experience in the successful implementation of projects related to the construction of infrastructure, production and transportation of energy resources in the mining, oil and gas, construction areas in different parts of the world.

● Professional team.

● International standards of quality, ethics, business principles.

Our products:

Mining equipment
Hydraulic attachment tools
Industrial compressor equipment
Diesel generators and compressors
Underground loaders and trucks
Face drill rigs
Surface drill rigs
Parts and services